UI/UX design, augmented reality, web development, video animation, market research, digital communications, and social media content for supercharged storytelling and creative marketing.

Technology + design

= enhanced user experiences.

WeTell specializes in using technology and visual design to enhance communications and user experiences. We stand at the confluence of tech and digital media, creating hybrid experiences that marry code, social media, and good old fashioned storytelling to create compelling 21st century rich media experiences for global audiences.

Our Brands

WeTell currently has 4 active brands in digital media, marketing, and communications.

UI/UX, web design, digital content, video animation, market research, and creative marketing. With offices in Kuala Lumpur and Metro Manila, we create high-impact tools and content for digital, social, and traditional channels to help clients reach and influence their audience.

Web-based ASEAN news portal that simplifies the content-consumption experience by delivering one major news item a day. Also curates and produces digital content for partners such as Petronas.

A digital newsletter for tech entrepreneurs, investors, educators, and HNWI based in Silicon Valley, the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia. Delivered weekly.

A project-based creative marketing agency tailored to MSMEs, NGOs, and start-ups. We help growing brands meet their vision by giving them access to highly-experienced creatives and top-level content — all within a modest budget and fixed timeline.

Core Team

Imran Saddique

Founder of WeTell, Brevo, Investvine

“After working with governments and traditionally-led private companies, I finally wanted to start a company driven by passion, with a culture that prioritizes the human experience above revenue.”

For the past decade, Imran worked as a consultant for governments in the UAE, Malaysia and Qatar, matching deep-pocketed sheikhs and royalty with global leaders in business and tech.

In 2010 he co-founded investvine.com, a news and research platform, to report on ASEAN news, including the region’s often volatile politics and its fascinating growth in tech.

In 2016 he started Brevo, an agency based in the Philippines, leveraging the country’s incredible talent pool of web developers, UI/UX designers, video animators, and more to service the growing digital communication needs in Southeast Asia.

Brevo’s clients include startups, small-to-medium business, and major conglomerates across the Philippines. It has now expanded its offerings to Malaysia, UK and The United States.

Imran currently resides in Kuala Lumpur and has a dog that eats better than him.

Daniel Abbey

Creative Director, Brevo

“Good visuals entice. Great writing persuades. Effective marketing is the magical blend of both.”

Daniel joined Brevo in 2017 as the creative director and has contributed to YOY growth of 100%. Prior to this, he worked as Associate Director of Content Marketing for luxury real estate developer Century Properties, after serving as their Digital Media Manager and Senior Writer for 3 years.

Before Century Daniel had a stint as a creative in software development. Further back becomes a blur of freelance and production work, including logo design, TV production, and corporate video scriptwriting for multinational corporations and well-known brands, including the 2008 in-flight safety video of Philippine Airlines, the one with the dancing crew and befuddled if not bemused passenger.

Dan has 4 kids and a receding hairline. There’s a definite correlation.

Arno Maierbrugger


We are doing the news – you put it to use.”

Arno is a veteran business journalist and writer and has worked for old-style printed newspapers to today’s real-time news portals since the late 1980s for outlets on three continents, America, Asia and Europe. Having lived in Southeast Asia for over a decade, he is covering the ever-changing vibrant business landscape of the region and also does some travel writing.

Partner with WeTell

Our name is our promise

We report the news. We tell stories. We keep people informed, humored, and engaged. If you’re a business or brand that needs coverage, or if you simply need to stay informed of ASEAN affairs, we have the capability, know-how, and content streams to service your needs.

We’re growing

Investvine and Brevo are the first two elements in our growing tech and media initiatives. We will move into podcasting, app development, and other forms of publishing. Let’s have a conversation about our expansion and how we can partner to reach more people with high-impact stories.

We embrace tech and nurture new voices

We are part of a growing movement that leverages new technology and social media to push marketing and reporting to whole new levels of engagement. This commitment to technology and digital channels allows us to nurture new talent and explore ideas on a more dynamic scale.

People will always tell stories

Ideas evolve, platforms change, technology improves but content will always be king. We choose to tell stories because this is how people relate to each other. In a world where tech develops at breakneck speed, we want to master the machinery, inject it with meaningful content, and stay at the forefront of our ever-changing frontiers.



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